Importance of Military System And Military Buildings In Legend: Rising Empire

Legend: Rising Battle is a wonderful game that revolves around building and upgrading city, as well as war and battles. When it comes to wars and battles, the military system plays an important role in this gameplay. Like you focus on developing your city, in the same way, you cannot escape from battles, whether it is defending your city from enemies or attacking other players to take control of their territories.

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Here, you will learn about the military system and its importance as well as military buildings in Legend: Rising Empire.

Military System

We all know the fact that where there will be a war, the military will be there. In this gameplay, the military system is divided into parts – attacks and defends, involving the trained army raised by both players and NPC as the main members of the battle. On the other hand, bandits and enemies across Favilla are also part of it. During a war, soldiers or army attacks automatically, also keep in mind that different troops have different attack preferences.

The targets to attacks can be anyone that includes players of enemies, bandits, NPC cities and others. In order to send your army for battle, you have to choose your target first. When you win the battle, the remaining soldiers and army will come back to the city and if you lost the battle, all your soldiers will be lost.

Military Buildings

When you are building a city, it is very important to have military buildings as well that has their key part in protecting your city from bandits and other alliances.



  • Training Ground

This building is used to train soldiers and is developed at the cost of weapons and population. The soldiers are trained based on the level of the training ground.

  • Barracks

This building is highly helpful in increasing the number of soldiers that a city can easily maintain.

  • Gate

It is the most defensive buildings which are developed to defend the city against enemy attacks.

  • Hospital

This building is very important when you have a city and taking part in the battle, it is used to treat wounded soldiers.

  • Rampart

Rampart is another defensive building which has its own importance in defending the city from enemy attacks.

  • Turret

Turret also plays a great role in the military system of the game; such buildings can be used to determine the direction, which highly helps in the war.

  • Military Academy

This building is used to strengthen the army by giving boosts to their ATK and HP, as well as to the lord.

Importance of Military System

The reason for deploying a military is a war, but have you ever thought about the benefits of initiating war? The major benefit of winning a battle in Legend: Rising Empire is to gain a large number of resources and reputation, also you can develop your city while weakens your enemies.

In this gameplay, when you have your military system, it works effectively in speeding up the tempo of your gameplay. One thing always keeps in mind that no city can ever develop efficiently without a strong army.