If you are an avid gamer fan and get intrigued by exploring more games that catch your eye here is another one that could be added to your growing list of games known as Legend Rising Empire which will be the bane of this article.


Through this article we will not only emphasize on Legend Rising Empire as a fast emerging force of a game but also elaborate on the array of features it provides and the significance they hold and what makes it worth your time.

About Legend Rising Empire

Logo Legend Rising EmpireLegend Rising Empire is a game of strategy and management along with being the first mobile game that syndicates the rudiments of Strategy and City-building Simulation. In the marvelous continent of Favilla, you as a peer of the realm will not only have to lead your people and develop your land from village to empire but also make choices which will help to efficiently manage your land. Two aspects play a pivotal role to one the buildings and second fighting. In relation to buildings you can build variety of them including barracks, ironworks, farms, homes or quarries .As you progress in the game and access better resources you can use them to improve the building and be rewarded .The importance of fighting is that players not only can send armies to different continents of Favilla but can also activate different types of special abilities in the battle which can give small advantage to the troops. The game focuses around war and battle so the military system is a fundamental part of this game therefore evolving your city is also imperative as there is no way out in order to escape from battles. Hence to raise and command your army to battle against bandits and enemies is must, join forces with your allies to grow your territory as well as capture the capital, conquer the world and ascend to the throne.

How different are the features?

Legend Rising Empire PC
Following features makes it unique and distinctive as mentioned below:

  • First customize your city by selecting more than 40 buildings
  • Make the best use of your resources by simply utilizing your perception
  • Expertise your troops and lead as many as 200 units
  • Shape up relationships and trade with hundreds of highly intellectual NPCs or players all over the world
  • Create strategic coalition and develop it from family to empire
  • In the end conquer the world and become the king of the kings

Inspired by these features? And want to delve into the exciting world of Legend Rising Empire as soon as possible on your PC /Mac or Android? The game is available on all formats such as PC/Mac or Android and can be relatively easy to download as you take solutions provided as mentioned in this article.

How to download Legend Rising Empire on PC (Windows) And MAC?

Logo bluestacksWhile it may not be straightforward process in terms of accessibility or download for the users of PC (windows) or Mac, here are steps which could be taken to get access to the game by the users of PC and Mac .Usage of dependable emulators is essential in order to create cybernetic background setup on your PC running on Windows and Mac which imitates the Android OS. Blue stack as a emulator is the ideal choice as it is a more safer and reliable method of running Android environment in cross operating system like Windows and Mac.Aside from Blue stack you can also go for Nox player which is another trustworthy emulator and equally as effective.


Legend Rising Empire on PC (Windows or MAC):

  • First download then install BlueStacks or Remix OS Player.
  • Open the installed BlueStacks or Remix OS Player plus open the Google Play Store in it.
    Open Bluestacks from Desktop
  • Now search for Legend Rising Empire by using the Play Store.
  • After searching on the play store install the game and open the app drawer or all apps in the emulator.
  • After pressing Legend Rising Empire icon to open it, follow the instructions as mentioned on screen to play it.
  • In addition you can also download and install via APK the Legend Rising Empire in the Blue Stacks Android emulator.

Downloading Legend Rising Empire on Android Devices

Legend Rising Empire for PC
Legend Rising Empire is available to install l for android users in phone /tablet or PC format as well and can be downloaded through the Google Play by taking the necessary steps and making sure these basic requirements are met in order to run it smoothly on your Android device as per listed below .

Logo AndroidRequirements to Run Legend Rising Empire on Android Device

    • Android device should have 4.3 and up version
    • Must have 1.1 GB of minimum RAM
    • Device also must have 33.93 MB as free space for Installation

After ensuring the prerequisites are met with you can go ahead and download Legend Rising Empire easily by APk or follow steps as summarized below.

  • Open the game page then press download, select the suitable apk file and tap OK in the pop-up window to download the file.
  • Eventually you will get a notification to download the file.
  • In case you haven’t received the notification, search for the file you’ve downloaded in your download folder on your device.
  • After selecting the game file , you may get a pop-up which blocks installations from unknown sources ,so in order to fix the issue tap Settings>Security>Unknown sources >ОK in order to allow device to download the game.


Is Legend Rising Empire available for iOS and other OS?

Logo iOSWhile legend rising empire; is promptly attainable for Android through Google play or through running an emulator on PC or Mac. It can also be procured from Apple app store for IOS devices by guaranteeing you match the needed version that is 8.0 or later. Additionally check the compatibility along with your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Legend Rising Empire is accessible for few different OS devices however with restricted alternatives .The alternatives that you’ll be able to use as operating system are chromacast, kodis and PS4 additionally to window phones.

What is paid in the game of legend Rising Empire and what are the factions?

The game is divided into factions Money Empire, Industrial Giant or Warmonger you need to choose between these factions in order to move ahead and has different advantages. But essence lies in choosing the faction which works for your play style then along the way you can switch to others so that you can move along strategically. As your city develops to a definite degree eventually you can decide on a faction between Money Empire, Industrial and Warmonger. Respectively all degree have their own recompenses and allies not only can battle alongside with you, but on the other hand can also be provide integral support to your empire with trades, which can be significantly beneficial to a developing town which is decidedly crucial.

Money Empire

It’s objectives are based on agriculture with aim of providing nourishment that drives to more silver crowns ,reserves and later more acquired resources needed for the city hence development. Profits depend on the sum of silver crowns one has earned and to access those, one has got to connect with the group. In terms of combative capacities, cash factor remains to be the most prominent factor in expansion to the finest combination of officers.

Industrial Giant

This faction is the industrial leader which provides faster production of resources for buildings and up gradation of structures .So by choosing this faction it helps you to keep development level of the city above other cities .So eventually it makes the cities of Industrial giant more resilient in relation to defenses and also the soldiers are stronger as well.


Lastly is the faction called Warmonger which is used to deal with military matters and development of best weapons? It largely dominates the battlefields but since in the beginning it is difficult to establish, huge amount of money is consistently required in order to provide the resources needed for it to function consistently and develop the strategies needed to have impact on the military front. With these conditions Warmonger can be overpowering force to be reckoned with during mid to end –game wars.

But it should also be noted that if you have to level up to the factions you should do that by procuring more fame which you can achieve by fighting bandits and attacking other players’ cities but also come out of them by winning the battles which could be beneficial or add more to your fame . Also emphasis should also be drawn towards fulfilling objectives which need to be accomplished before you can progress to these fractions.

What is the significance of silver crowns?

The generation of silver crowns as source of money is a very important aspect of the game and there are ways through which you can boost your earnings. These silver crowns will not only provide you with steady flow of profits but also can be a great asset in times of need and can keep you unobstructed on the path to progress.

So additionally you can boost your silver crowns by having as many dwellings as possible and managing them efficiently since they generate revenues and taxes as well as keeping them closer to marketing areas or taverns as they can contribute towards income a lot faster . Attacking bandits and such events can enhance your rewards. By persistently selling products you produce and by gaining bonuses that help you go higher up the levels and makes your hold strong .Another alternative that could be utilized is you can chat to people which could earn you handsome amount of silver crowns.

To summarize it all
Legend Rising Empire for Pc Windows
Now the question arises if it’s worth your time? Well Yes, Legend Rising Empire is the perfect blend for fans of Rise of Civilizations, Clash of Clans and Civilization as it has the elements which include building defenses, training army and attack other players on a map in addition to joining alliances along with building production lines for products you need. Legend Rising Empire develops an analytical and strategical approach thus creating your own Favilla world.

Besides these aforementioned benefits you can also utilize the game to its full potential by using King’s Quests to get more VIP points so VIP buffs can be granted along with the rewards. Use your attendants wisely as attendants hold unique skills and can increase your strength in different ways so recruit them as often as possible.


  • How can you keep track of your resources?
    You track the resources by using the flow charts provided.
  • Can the factions be switched?
    Since factions are integral to game play yes you can switch between them.
  • Is legend rising empire available for IOS?
    Yes it is but you need 8.0 version for it.
  • What languages is it available in?
    English, including Simple and traditional Chinese and Japanese as well.
  • Is Legend Rising Empire priced or for free?
    Yes it is for free but it can vary according to in –app purchases.
  • What is the required version for android devices and the MB?
    The version required is 4.3 or up and MB is 33.93.
  • Does the game has an English server?
    No it doesn’t but it is being worked upon and could be available.
  • What are the names of the factions and which one is the most important to gain silver crowns?
    The factions are Money Empire, Industrial giants and Warmongers. The most beneficial for silver crowns is Money Empire.
  • Are VIPs available on legend rising empire?
    Yes VIPs they are available and can be gained through King’s quests.
  • Why the Kings are Quests important?
    Important as they help to gain rewards, increase VIP buffs and silver crowns.